UMU Research - Performances/ Presentations

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Scott Mason

Dr. Keith Miller


Department of Music

Dr. Maira Liliestedt


Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

Dr. Michael Knepp

Dr. Kristine Turko


Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice 

Dr. Andy Bain 

  • Gangs and their Membership 
  • The OMCG in a Global Perspective 
  • "They're not just gangs" Understanding the membership criminal (motorcycle) groups, Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South
  • Bikes, Bros, and Bodies: What we know form the violence
  • The Deviance of the OMCG 
  • Developing Further: Understanding the 9%: Motorcycle Club (and Gang) 
  • The Research Network on Biker Crime: Theoretical Perspectives on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - Author Meets the Critic
  • The Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs: A new examination of Barker and Human 
  • Positive Policing: Communicating Fairness 
  • Theoretical Conception of Adult Gang Membership 
  • This isn't real crime 
  • Attitudes toward Law-enforcement in Social Media 
  • The Role of Inequality and Economic Disadvantage in County-Level Recidivism 
  • 'It's not real crime.' Use of cell phones whilst driving 
  • Moving Forward: Fresh Perspectives on Effective Methodologies and Policy 

Dr. Andy Bain and Dr. Bryan Robinson

  • What do High recidivism counties have in common with at risk individuals
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