Student Interns from DNC, RNC Speak During UMU Votes Panel

September 01, 2016

UMU Votes Panel 2ALLIANCE, Ohio – On Tuesday, The University of Mount Union hosted a panel titled “UMU Votes.” The panel featured five students who interned this summer at the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.

These students got to experience the good, the bad, and the interesting of each convention up close and personal. The students were then able to share their experiences on the panel.

Sophie Ramsey ‘19, an international affairs and diplomacy major and Bridget Dennis ‘17, a pre-law major, both interned at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through The Washington Center. Nic Hendryx ‘17, an economics and political science double major, Corbin Hershberger ‘19 and Alex Mills ‘17, both political science majors, interned at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, also through the Washington Center.

“The National Political Conventions are events that only can really be paralleled by things like the Olympics or the Super Bowl,” Mills explained. “The fact that I was able to attend the Republican National Convention in my home state of Ohio in Cleveland no less is something that I'm never going to forget. I gained valuable real world experience and had excellent networking opportunities assisting the Ohio Delegation to the RNC.”

Fellow intern Dennis agreed with Mills.

“Interning for the Democratic National Convention has been the best experience of my life thus far,” stateed Dennis. “I gained so many connections through the process and learned a semesters worth of material in two weeks. I encourage everyone to be more involved in politics, as it can truly be a lot of fun and very rewarding at the same time.”

For fellow DNC intern, Ramsey, the internship was both hectic and worthwhile.

“It's a bizarre and totally weird experience being at the epicenter of U.S. Politics,” explained Ramsey. “Still, it's incredibly gratifying. The energy's crazy.”

During the “UMU Votes” panel, all five students had the opportunity to answer questions and share the new perspectives they gained through their political experience.

“I was happy to share what I experienced with other students and hopefully everybody who's interested has the chance to experience history first hand through the Washington Center as well,” continued Ramsey.

Ultimately, UMU Votes audience members gained a behind-the-scenes glimpse at both of the national conventions. 

“Coming back from all this,” concluded Mills. “I thought it was great to be able to sit on a panel about the conventions and give students and community members an insider's perspective of the conventions themselves. Because if there's one thing I learned being at the RNC it's that what you see on the TV is only a fraction of what's going on.”

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