Parker Peterson

Parker Peterson '18

Major: French/Public Relations
Hometown:North Bloomfield, Ohio

My favorite part of Mount Union is most definitely the people. As cliché as it may sound, the Mount Union community genuinely feels like family to me.

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With 56 majors and a wide variety of minors and programs, the University of Mount Union packs the academic power of many much-larger institutions. We attribute our high marks to the combination of benefit and value associated with a Mount Union degree. This is a university that equips you with the academic background, practical experience, global perspective and ethical foundation to stay competitive – and grounded – in a fast-paced world.

All students graduate with both a major and a minor from Mount Union. (Some even pursue multiple majors and minors.) Through these components of the academic program, you will build a focused knowledge base in your discipline of choice while our Integrative Core and selection of electives broaden your understanding of yourself, those around you and the world in which we live. Combining the Integrative Core and electives with your major and minor will put you on your way toward successfully completing our degree requirements for graduation. We encourage you to thoroughly explore our website and find out how you can be exceptional at Mount Union.

*Most majors are also minors.

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