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Federal health care reform requires all full-time students to be covered by an adequate health insurance policy.  In our ongoing effort to ensure that all University of Mount Union students have access to a strong array of health care options and in keeping with federal health care reform requirements, we would like to provide you with some important information regarding the University’s student health insurance plan offerings. 

The University, in conjunction with Wells Fargo and Commercial Travelers, has done considerable research to offer an insurance plan that we believe will provide our students with coverage that is both comprehensive and affordable.  We are pleased to offer this student health insurance plan for a premium of $1,556 with coverage beginning August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018. 

This plan has a $100 deductible and provides 80% coinsurance, with an out-of-pocket maximum cost of $6,850.  The aggregate medical maximum benefit is unlimited per policy year.  The plan also includes 100% coverage for preventative services, and a prescription copay card that can be used at any participating pharmacy.  Detailed information about the plan can be found at Commercial Travelers student plan website at

Every full-time undergraduate domestic student is eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan.  You must decide if you want to waive the Student Health Insurance or purchase the insurance.  Those students who are covered under an existing health plan may waive the University offered plan by completing a waiver form which is located on the Student Plans Center website at  Select “University of Mount Union – Health” and then click “Waiver”.  Once you have completed the waiver, you will get a confirmation number.  You may also enroll in the Plan by visiting the same website.  Click on “University of Mount Union 2017-2018 Enrollment Form”, complete the form, then print and fax it to 877-350-5543, ATTN: Lana Fletcher, or email to  Once the enrollment has been completed you will receive an email confirmation.  You must enroll or waive the insurance by September 6, 2017.  The enrollment form and waiver form will be available by May 30, 2017.

Parents should check their medical insurance plans to determine what age their children are no longer covered.  Parents should also inquire about coverage limitations for medical care sought within Stark County, Ohio that may be outside of HMO or PPO networks along with any deductible requirements which must be met before major medical benefits are payable.

Required Action 

  • If a student is covered under an existing health plan, he or she must waive the University offered plan by completing the online waiver as indicated above. 
  • If a student is not covered under an existing health plan or would like to purchase the University offered plan he or she must enroll in the Plan as indicated above.
  • Once the student has completed the waiver or enrolled in the Plan, a confirmation email will be provided. No cancellations will be accepted or refunds granted after September 6, 2017. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lana Fletcher with Wells Fargo at 800-228-6768 or email or the University of Mount Union Health Center at 330-823-2692 or email  

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