University of Mount Union hosts STEMcoding Summer Camp

July 20, 2018

StemcodingALLIANCE, Ohio – Aspiring physics and computer science students were on campus at the University of Mount Union for the 2018 STEMcoding Summer Camp. 

Throughout the camp, students participated in hands-on activities outside the classroom and lab experiments led by program director, Dr. Richelle Teeling-Smith, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Mount Union. Presentations and activities throughout the week were assisted by current Mount Union physics majors, Ian Dilyard ’19, Morgan Hamilton ’19, Abigail Ogonek ’21, Joseph Winiecki ’19, and physics alumna Erin White ’18.

Activities throughout the camp featured: 

  • Physics-based computer programming modules where students designed video games based on physics equations for velocity, acceleration, force and projectile motion. Students programmed video games that resembled the well-known games Pong,, Asteroids, Lunar Lander and Angry Birds. They finished the camp by creating their own unique coding project.
  • An Egg-drop challenge had students working in teams to design a protective case for their egg. Half of the teams were able to drop their egg from the top of Bracy Hall without the egg breaking.
  • A presentation by Mount Union physics alumna Erin White ‘18 taught students about the “Physics of Basketball.”
  • A presentation by Mount Union senior physics major, Morgan Hamilton ‘19 taught students about Majoring in STEM fields in college.
  • Finally, students used their knowledge of projectile motion (learned through programming activities) to calculate the angle needed to launch a ball across the field using a 10 feet-tall custom-designed slingshot to hit a target. 

The STEMcoding project exists to re-imagine introductory STEM courses with computer science in mind. The project is geared toward high school girls interested in physics hoping to learn computer coding through a mix of computer programming and hands-on physics challenges and activities. Students gain valuable experience and understanding of some of STEM's more high-demand career paths.For more information on the program, visit



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