Vi Bica-Ross Meets With "Her" Students

April 06, 2010

Violet Bica-Ross '44 met with 'her' students at a reception held in the lobby of Bica-Ross Residence Hall on Wednesday, September 26.

Many students living in Bica-Ross took time to stop in and see 'Vi' and thank her for her generous gift to the college that made their home-away-from-home possible.

She shared with the students stories about her life and was certain to show each football player her National Championship necklace that she wears so proudly. 'When I'm sitting at the football games, I love to look over and see the beautiful view of the residence hall,' she said.

Dressed all in purple, she chatted thoughtfully with each student, asking about their majors, their interests and their lives on campus. She stays in close contact with 'her' students. She is pen pals with some of them and stays in touch with them long after they have graduated from Mount Union.

Vi loves her school, her students and her residence hall and the residents of Bica-Ross feel the same about her. 'I love living in Bica-Ross!' said Stephanie Dominick, a sophomore English major of Massillon. 'It is very convenient, has large rooms and with the suite-style housing you don't have to share a bathroom with 20 other girls. It was so nice to get to meet the person that helped make it possible.'

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