Welcoming Kimono Reception Held at Haupt House

November 24, 2008

kimonodressingWelcoming Kimono, a reception promoting the upcoming Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota exhibit that will be on display at the Canton Museum of Art from February 8 through April 26, 2009 was held on Thursday evening at the Haupt House at Mount Union College.

The reception featured a variety of presentations, performances and demonstrations to raise awareness of various aspects of Japanese culture and promote the upcoming Kimono as Art exhibit.

Community members Meiko Fujimoto and Cheryl Lundgren created a display of Ikebana flower arrangements. Taku Miyazaki, a senior of Tokyo, Japan, gave a calligraphy demonstration. Dr. Hamako Furuhata-Turner demonstrated ceremonial kimono dressing. Mayuko Tokonagi, a freshman of Shiga, Japan, demonstrated origami techniques. Tokonagi, Kyoko Niiyama and Sarasa Ono performed in a tea ceremony. Piano performances by Marina Iwao, a freshman of Fukuoka, Japan, and a presentation by M. J. Albecete of the Canton Museum of Art completed the evening’s events.

Kimono as Art features 40 oversized kimono created by Master Kubota. Kimono will tour the United States for six months with only two stops, one in San Diego, California and the other in Canton, Ohio.

For more information, visit www.kimonoexhibit.com.


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