International Students

International students must complete the WOC Portfolio just like every other student who is seeking an undergraduate degree from the University of Mount Union.  If you come to Mount Union for the last two years of study from another university, you will need to complete your WOC Portfolio as quickly as possible so you can progress toward graduation in a timely manner.  

The writing and speaking demands may be different from your country’s communication requirements. 

In American communication, it is the responsibility of the writer or speaker to provide evidence and then explain its relevance, rather than relying on the reader or audience to make the connections themselves. 

The Digital, Writing, and Oral Communication (DWOC) Studio can be a good resource for you, as you can make appointments to develop, organize, and practice speeches and presentations, including the development of effective slides and other presentation aides.  Likewise, the DWOC consultants can help you become better at brainstorming, researching, developing, organizing, revising, and polishing your writing. 

Your proficiency in English may come with an accent, and that is a part of you that you should hold onto, as long as others can understand what you’re saying and writing.  If instructors tell you that your first language is interfering with understanding, in writing or in speech, then you will need to take time to further develop your English language skills so you can be successful in the Mount Union curriculum.

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