Transfer Students

The Written and Oral Communication (WOC) Portfolio is part of Mount Union's General Education Program-The Integrative Core (IC). It's kind of a "mid-career checkpoint" regarding your development as a writer and speaker. The portfolio will be electronic and will consist of materials that you will select from assignments you've completed in the IC up to that point: Foundational Knowledge courses (Arts-A, Natural Science-N, Humanities-H, & Social Science-S).  Students may satisfy no more than two IC Foundational Knowledge requirements with transfer credit. Transfer students must take at least two of the four Foundation courses (A, N, H, or S) at Mount Union.

Because the WOC Portfolio is what Mount Union students complete instead of a “College Writing” and “Public Speaking” requirement that most universities use, all new Mount Union students must complete the WOC Portfolio including all transfer students.

If you transferred to the university with 58 or more credits, it is strongly suggested that you contact the IC Program Office to set up an individualized plan for submitting the WOC Portfolio. If you transferred to the university with 57 or fewer credits, you have up to 4 semesters to complete and submit your WOC Portfolio, however, many transfer students opt to submit their portfolio after their first year (or first two semesters) at Mount Union.

Successful completion of the WOC portfolio or junior status (58 earned credit hours) is recommended before beginning the Theme Courses in your IC. In addition, all students must pass the WOC Portfolio and have all other IC requirements met before they can enroll in the IC Senior Capstone. The Senior Capstone is required to graduate from the university.

All transfer students are invited to contact the WOC Director to discuss their individual WOC Portfolio submission plan.

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