Workshop Focuses on Negotiating Women’s Salaries

January 20, 2012

A $tart $mart Workshop focusing on benchmarking and negotiating women’s salaries was held on Tuesday, January 17 at the University of Mount Union. The workshop kicked off the Confidence in U series, which is being organized by Mount Union’s Panhellenic Council and funded by a Kappa Delta Sorority grant.
The American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Women Are Getting Even (WAGE) Project have formed a partnership to ensure that women graduating from college start their careers knowing how to negotiate for fair and equal pay. According to the trained AAUW facilitators, being educated on equal pay for women should be something that every expecting female college graduate should be educated on. The workshop addressed what the wage gap means to women college students, how this gap occurs and why the gap happens.
$tart $mart WorkshopAt the beginning of the workshop, the facilitators shared with the audience startling statistics about women wages versus men wages. In fact, it was explained that the estimated gender wage gap between a man and a woman is 23 cents, meaning that a woman earns 77 cents on average for every dollar a man earns.
The primary focus of the workshop was to explain the various steps that can be taken to fix the wage gap problem such as salary benchmarking and salary negotiation. In addition, the facilitators explained that there are three parts to salary negotiation – getting the job, starting salary offer and benefits.
In conclusion, some words of wisdom were also offered to new college graduates including never just accept a certain salary because you are thankful to be offered a job. They also said “It is up to you as an individual to negotiate your salary, so be sure to show the employer the skills that make you successful at what you do.”
For more information on salary negotiation and the gender wage gap, visit
Mount Union’s Panhellenic Council seeks to provide educational programs and awareness through a diversified approach surrounding issues identified as critical and important to collegiate women. The organization addresses a variety of female-centered issues including interrelation aggression (bullying), gender role development, investigation of feminism, mental illness, eating disorders and the wage gap/equal pay for equal work issues. Each of these issues is prevalent in US society and Mount Union women are as prone as any to fall victim. The Confidence in U series is a chance for women students to build community through attending interactive programs with others outside of their own sorority, and it adds another layer of positive female-inspired support. As members of powerful women’s organizations that center on values-based action, this programming is carefully aligned with the mission and creeds of Mount Union’s four sororities on campus.
The next event in the Confidence in U series will be held on Monday, January 23 at 7 p.m. in the East Room of the Hoover-Price Campus Center. Theresa Davis, instructor of history at the University of Mount Union, will present A Gendered Stroll through History: The Evolution of Gender Roles as We See Them.

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