Dr. Gwen Gray Schwartz

Teaching Area(s): English

I love that no two days feel the same, that no class feels the same from year to year, that the students change me just as much as I hope to change them.

Writing Learning Objectives

Upon graduation, student who major in Writing will be able to:

Write Like Writers

  • Recognize and respond to a variety of audiences, contexts, and purposes
  • Craft sophisticated print and digital texts in a variety of genres, both creative and professional
  • Demonstrate growth as a writer by producing a professional-quality portfolio
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of rhetorical choices in own and others’ texts
  • Arrange the organization of texts appropriate to the rhetorical situation
  • Recognize and self-edit errors in written discourse
  • Produce complex texts with correctness in syntax, grammar, usage, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling
  • Demonstrate an advanced sense of coherence and cohesion in written discourse
  • Consider, apply, and control stylistic options (prose style, figurative language, voice, register, tone, word choice, etc.)

Think Like Writers

  • Talk and write about their writing and consciously synthesize and integrate insights from one project into another
  • Articulate a statement of identity as a writer (including style, voice, and ethos)
  • Use multiple research methods (both primary and secondary), utilizing and documenting their research in their writing
  • Develop a sophisticated vocabulary for thinking, talking, and writing about their own and others process of writing and the texts they produce
  • Assess and respond to other writers, paying attention to the choices writers make, the reasons for those choices, and the effect those choices have on an audience
  • Recognize and gear writing towards a pluralistic and diverse world

Read Like Writers

  • Demonstrate an understanding that writing emerges from an existing conversation and be able to join that existing conversation
  • Read widely and read a variety of texts, both creative and professional in nature
  • Exhibit knowledge and reading skill by effectively incorporating their reading into their writing
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