Kyle Dreger ‘14

Major: Computer Science and Writing
Job Title: Software Engineer

The Honors Program gave me the chance to dig deep into subjects I enjoyed. The best part was that I got to work one-on-one with my professors on specific projects and goals, which often led to plenty of practical experience within the subject the class was studying.

Writing Learning Objectives

Upon graduation, student who major ion Writing will be able to:

Write Like Writers

  • Recognize and respond to a variety of audiences, contexts, and purposes
  • Craft sophisticated print and digital texts in a variety of genres, both creative and professional
  • Demonstrate growth as a writer by producing a professional-quality portfolio
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of rhetorical choices in own and others’ texts
  • Arrange the organization of texts appropriate to the rhetorical situation
  • Recognize and self-edit errors in written discourse
  • Produce complex texts with correctness in syntax, grammar, usage, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling
  • Demonstrate an advanced sense of coherence and cohesion in written discourse
  • Consider, apply, and control stylistic options (prose style, figurative language, voice, register, tone, word choice, etc.)

Think Like Writers

  • Talk and write about their writing and consciously synthesize and integrate insights from one project into another
  • Articulate a statement of identity as a writer (including style, voice, and ethos)
  • Use multiple research methods (both primary and secondary), utilizing and documenting their research in their writing
  • Develop a sophisticated vocabulary for thinking, talking, and writing about their own and others process of writing and the texts they produce
  • Assess and respond to other writers, paying attention to the choices writers make, the reasons for those choices, and the effect those choices have on an audience
  • Recognize and gear writing towards a pluralistic and diverse world

Read Like Writers

  • Demonstrate an understanding that writing emerges from an existing conversation and be able to join that existing conversation
  • Read widely and read a variety of texts, both creative and professional in nature
  • Exhibit knowledge and reading skill by effectively incorporating their reading into their writing
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