Kyle Shepard

Kyle Shepard '18

Major: NSFIA/International Affairs
Hometown:Perry, Ohio

They say home is where the heart is and my heart is at the University of Mount Union.

WRMU Purpose

What does WRMU 91.1 FM do?

WRMU is owned by Mount Union, Alliance, Ohio, and is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

In accepting its license, the station accepts as its primary purpose and function, as stipulated by FCC Rules and Regulations, the responsibility to "serve in the public interest, convenience and necessity." The license is obligated to make a continuing active search to ascertain the needs of the community served and to fulfill those needs to the best of its ability. Therefore, one primary purpose of WRMU is to serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity within its assigned listening area. The station is responsible to the Board of Trustees and to the FCC for compliance with all laws, rules and regulations pursuant to the operation of the station.

WRMU is licensed to an educational institution as a non-commercial radio station. Broadcast licenses for schools, religious institutions and public organizations are of the non-commercial, educational type. This designation means the station cannot air any commercials. The station is required to provide informational, educational and cultural programming. Funding for the station can come from various sources such as private grants, corporate underwriting and public donations. The majority of WRMU's funding comes from the University. According to the FCC, the primary goal of educational broadcasting it to provide educational programming for the public. Our goal is to provide this service in a professional manner.

The station is under the direct supervision of the Department of Communications and operates as a primary supervised radio broadcast laboratory for students of that department and the University. Therefore, by nature of its ownership and curricular affiliation, a second primary purpose of WRMU is to provide a co-curricular radio broadcast training experience for talented students interested in broadcasting as a career or exploratory experience.

WRMU will provide opportunities for research and innovation in creative programming utilizing the full resources of the department and the curriculum. In addition, because of its non-commercial licensure, WRMU will provide, where feasible and appropriate, an alternative programming service to Stark and outlining counties by broadcasting features not otherwise available to area radio listeners and radio stations.

WRMU will at all times comply with the spirit of the Fairness Doctrine. Recognizing its position as a non-commercial license of a private educational institution, WRMU will not editorialize.

Opportunity to be involved in the activities of WRMU shall not be denied because of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, veteran status, handicap and/or sexual orientation.

WRMU, as a responsible broadcast licensee, shall at all times retain the right of final judgement over programming decisions.

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