Zucal '92 Talks Building a Business During Entrepreneurship Lecture

October 11, 2017

ZucalALLIANCE, Ohio – On Monday, October 9, the University of Mount Union’s entrepreneurship program hosted Jeff Zucal ’92, the founder and president of Sky Sweeping. During his lecture, he spoke about his story of business success and shared advice for other entrepreneurs.

The event was sponsored by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, which provided pizza, desserts and beverages for the attendees. 

Zucal divided his lecture into three topics: preparation during college, what to do at a first job, and things to do before starting a company. For job preparation in college, he recommended learning how companies work and what people in those companies do. Just as significantly, he advised learning one’s own strengths, passions and areas for continued development. 

At the first job, Zucal recommended not only recognizing problems while working but developing solutions. He highlighted the importance of having a positive attitude and continuing self-development to become a more efficient worker. 

Before starting a new company, Zucal emphasized doing extensive research a business idea. For his own company, he researched the sweeping business for years before quitting his full-time job. He and his older brother created a five-year plan for the company and managed to complete it in only one year, demonstrating how their preparation was rewarded. 

“Know what your breakeven cost is, build a first-rate team, be an idea person, be a people person, be a solution person, and continue to build your people skills,” Zucal said.

Throughout all three points of the lecture, Zucal heavily stressed building a network and developing people skills. At the end of the speech, he provided students and other audience members with a final quote about collaboration in entrepreneurship. 

“You can’t get to where you want to be without other people.”

For more information about Mount Union’s entrepreneurship minor, visit mountunion.edu/entrepreneurship.

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