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abby brock headshot
abby brock headshot

Abby Brock '21,’22

Accelerated BSN student

There is never a cap to how much you can learn and expand on yourself as a person. I love school and always strive to learn something new.


B.S., Nursing 


Uniontown, Ohio

Continuing Education at Mount 

I am from the area and attended Mount for my undergraduate degrees. I graduated from Mount this past May with a bachelor’s in biology and psychology. Then not even two weeks later started in the accelerated nursing program. I learned about Mount through word of mouth and knowing people who have attended the university previously. I chose to come to Mount for the small intimate feeling it provided. As the classes are smaller, you develop a more meaningful relationship with your professors and get to really know them as a person not just as a teacher. Making it a really great way to gain connections and establish a good foundation to fall back on for future job applications or any graduate programs. I really love the "at home" atmosphere, as someone who is really comfortable in smaller classrooms it allowed me to really grow as an individual in my ability to ask more questions, speak out and be assertive. If I could go back in time, I would still choose Mount today!

Making Mount a Second Home 

A second home to me is like walking into your best friend’s house, rummaging through their pantry, and making yourself comfortable on their couch. It's natural, you don't feel awkward, and their parents aren't confused why you're in their home. That's how Mount has always felt to me.  I come to campus, I feel comfortable, I know a lot of the faculty and my surroundings. I can make myself relax and unwind due to the fact I am complacent with everything I encounter whether it be peers or faculty. My biggest advice is just follow your gut. It may feel like such a scary feeling to be thrown into making all these big adult decisions at once but give yourself a break and take your time. Don't jump into any decision on such a monumental moment in your life, as you want to have all the players in your court before making that final leap. Then when you do make that decision, you should want to know you made it willingly, wholeheartedly and knowing it's with the best intentions for you and your future.

A Double Major  

I chose biology as my first major coming into Mount Union because I love science! I think it's so fun, weird and fascinating making all the things in life more interesting! I decided to add on Psychology as my second major, because on top of biology being fascinating it can also be linked to human mind and behavior. Which to me is mindblowing to learn just how alike we may seem but also how vastly different we are from one another in the way we think and act. After I graduated with these degrees, I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. Coming from a house where my mom is a nurse, I have grown up hearing all these different stories which really enticed my interest in the field. I always knew I wanted to do something medical related, and I felt this was a really great way to expand on my knowledge of biology and psychology and apply it to nursing and my future education whether it be medical school or nurse anesthetist.

Experiences at Mount Union

There is never a cap to how much you can learn and expand on yourself as a person. I love school and always strive to learn something new. So far, my favorite learning experience/opportunity here at Mount Union has been my senior research project in Psychology. We looked at the effects of social media during the pandemic on people's mental health. It was really interesting to see the effects of the pandemic on people's screen time and how that correlated to feelings of self-worth, body dissatisfaction, depression, loneliness and anxiety.

Career Goal

My ultimate career dream/goal is to either be a nurse anesthetist or a doctor. I love learning and school and would love to be able to further my education in the field I am passionate about. Here at Mount, taking the accelerated nursing program and working at the hospital has really opened my mind to the medical field. I have been able to see different specialties, and areas of care through clinical and teachings that will help me on my way to school later on!