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Abigail Adams holding a cello
Abigail Adams holding a cello

Abigail Adams '21

Music education

"I want to provide a great musical experience for every student who comes into my classroom."


Music education 


Port Washington, OH

Choosing UMU

I learned about Mount Union from my former cello teacher, Mary Cooper. She plays in the Tuscarawas Philharmonic with Dr. [Elaine] Anderson and told me that I should talk to her about the music program here. From there, I talked to Dr. Anderson and decided I wanted to come here to study cello with her and pursue a degree in music education. I received the Dean's Scholarship, Minority Achievement Award, Music Performance Scholarship, and Music Degree Scholarship. The people make Mount Union feel like a second home. The faculty, professors, cooks, physical plant staff, students, and so many more people make this campus feel like home. Everywhere you go, you will always see a familiar face who will brighten your day.

Picking Your College

I would advise students to always go visit their potential colleges and universities. Go on an initial visit to see how the campus feels, but also plan days to go visit the department you are interested in. Make connections with the faculty and professors that you will be studying alongside. For me, the faculty and professors at Mount Union made the difference for me. They are the reason I decided to go to school here.

Why Music Education?

I chose music education as my major because I have always loved music and education. Music and learning are two of my greatest passions. I want to provide a great musical experience for every student who comes into my classroom. It's important that every person gets the opportunity to experience the beauty and truth that is found in music. For some students, the music classroom is their home. I want to be able to provide that safe space for my future students. My ultimate career goal is to become a music teacher and studio lessons teacher in my community. My goal is to give back to the community that raised me. I would love to start new music programs and provide more opportunities for students to have music in their lives. Currently, I work with Mary Cooper over the summers at the Tuscarawas Philharmonic String Camp. I would love to see more programs such as this throughout the year in my community. Mount Union is preparing me for this dream, as I am involved in many of the music ensembles on campus and becoming involved in the local school systems with field experience and student teaching. These experiences are preparing me for my career after college in the field that I am most passionate about.

Learning Opportunities

I have had many experiential learning opportunities while at Mount Union. I have been a member of nearly every musical ensemble on campus, including Alliance Symphony Orchestra, Repertory Strings, Cantus Femina, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, String Chamber Ensembles, and Woodwind Quintet. I have also had the opportunity to learn how to play a variety of new instruments through the methods courses here. My primary instrument is cello, and I have had the great opportunity to study with Dr. Anderson. I also have picked up violin as a secondary instrument, studying with Bohdan Subchak. Being a member of OCMEA has given me the chance to attend the Ohio Music Education Association Conference in Cleveland. My favorite experience has been going to the Ohio Music Education Association Conference. I learned so many new things by going to the different sessions and performances that were hosted there. This experience gave me a glimpse into my future as a music educator.