Abigail Bartoszewicz ‘17

Major: Integrated Media
Hometown: Wesford, PA

Future Sports Broadcaster

Minor: Sport Business

Member of the women’s basketball team and WRMU


Choosing Mount
I heard about Mount Union from the basketball team. I was being recruited by Coach Venet, so I went on the Mount Union website and took an online tour. I decided I wanted to know more about the school and went to view the campus in person. I chose Mount because of the small school environment, and I love the basketball team and the great athletic environment along with great academics. Students can expand their horizons and resumes by combining a liberal arts education while having professional preparation. It gives students a wide range of experiences, as well. 

A Friendly Community
I like that Mount Union is a small community the most. Everyone is kind and friendly around campus. I also like the small, hands-on classroom experience. The basketball team is another reason why I love the school. 

Favorite Campus Spots
My favorite places around campus have to be the MAAC, the B&B and McMaster Hall, which is where I live. I love the MAAC because it is an area to get away from academics for a little while and have some fun in the gym or on the track. I like the B&B because the food is great, including the best smoothies, and there are always activities going on. For example, they just had a guest hypnotist and the act was hilarious. McMaster is also one of my favorite places because it reminds me of home. All my friends live in the same hall as me, and we always go to each other’s rooms and hang out.

Standing Out
Mount Union is a place of education, community and athletics in that order. The academics prepare you for the job market by helping you build a good resume. The small community is a way to meet people and gain life experiences. For example, I was a part of Martin Luther King Day Jr. Day of Service and I helped fix up a house for a family going through a time of struggle. I was able to help my community by learning how much it means to people when you lend a hand. The owners of the house were so appreciative and I was overjoyed by their happiness. The athletics also differ from most universities. They prepare you for time management in the real world. The athletes at Mount dedicate themselves as much as Division 1 athletes do. The life lessons learned through sports are endless.    

Preparing for Success
Mount Union is preparing me to pursue a great career after graduation. I am learning so much in the field I am studying, and I am already getting help from my professors to find doors that will open up to internships and job opportunities. Mount Union is not only preparing me for my career, but helping me build independent and strong characteristics for success. 

Integrated Media
I chose integrated media as my major because I have an interest in broadcasting and I love to talk. When I was in high school, I listened to 96.1 KISS FM radio everyday on the way to school. Listening to the broadcasters made me realize that this is what I am meant to do, and it is something I would love. There are also several other jobs in the field that I am interested in, and there are many different ways I can go to find job opportunities.

Hands-on Experience
My favorite hands-on experience with my major has been working in the WRMU radio station. I was able to record an interview with one of my teammates. I learned about all of the technology, and then recorded my voice with music under it.

Favorite Classes
My favorite classes so far have probably been Introduction to Communication and Broadcast Studio Operations classes because they are for my major. I have learned a lot from these classes and the professors have made fun environments.

Future Goals
My ultimate goal is to be happy in whatever job I pursue. I would really love to be a sports broadcaster, a radio broadcaster, or anything to do with the media. Sports are where my heart has always been. I am a competitive person who loves being around people that have passion. I have met so many people in my life who have such a love for sports that I cannot see my life anywhere else. Along with these goals, coaching basketball has also been a dream of mine. I have helped with coaching before and I think leadership in sports is an area I can see myself in.

I am learning so much in the field I am studying, and I am already getting help from my professors to find doors that will open up to internships and job opportunities.

To The Top!