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College of Applied and Social Sciences

The College of Applied and Social Sciences integrates theory and practice by bringing together a network of scholars, practitioners, and teachers committed to the transformational work of application of scholarship to improve social welfare, communities, and the people who are served by them. Students in the college collaborate to develop case studies, engage in fieldwork, and learn how to apply expert knowledge, teach, and communicate evidence.

This college features a wide array of programs that share similar principles in which its majors are grounded, including accounting, criminal justice, education, media, national security, and sport business, to name a few. The School of Engineering, the first school to be created at Mount Union, is also housed in this college.  It serves the largest number of students at Mount Union – diverse students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, both on campus and through off-campus online learning.

There is also a co-branded center within the college to enrich the student experience: