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Mission and Vision


In the College of Natural and Health Sciences, you will find a diverse group of student-centered educators and lifelong learners - professionals and scientists providing a rigorous, practical, and high-quality education. We offer varied learning opportunities in classrooms, labs and clinical experiences, equipping our students for the application of knowledge to the complexities of the natural world and the human body – in states of both health and dysfunction - to aid in discovery and repair. We provide transformative learning that leads to their content-specific competence, professionalism, and future contributions of significance for an every-changing world.


The College of Natural and Health Sciences recognizes that cultivating agile, lifelong learners requires us to stimulate students of science to be both minds on AND hands on. We seek to make our College an anchor and beacon for the sciences and health professions in Stark County and the region. Specifically, we:

  • will develop additional applied learning collaborations. Such collaborations will challenge students to apply community-centered approaches to tackle urgent challenges – such as land use, public health crises, and climate change;
  • will increase student engagement, curiosity and rigor via increased emphasis on research, data analysis, and high impact practices that will shape the majority of our curricula;
  • will continue to align new health and natural science programs to specific societal and industry needs, both regionally and globally;
  • will strive to inspire our students to have a positive impact on the world; and
  • will prioritize the visibility of our exceptional programs, and the impacts of our graduates, who are highly competent, innovative thinkers and doers.