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Facilities and Equipment

The University of Mount Union Department of Physics and Astronomy's offices and laboratories are located in Bracy Hall of Science. 

Our facilities include both classrooms and laboratories for general physics, atomic physics, optics, electronics, and a machine shop for constructing apparatuses. Physics and astronomy major students have access to an abundance of laboratory equipment including student/faculty research laboratories.

In 2015, two new introductory physics labs were built with a design focused on active learning. Multiple pods exist so students encouraged to work in small groups and the tables that make the pods are detachable allowing the room to be reconfigured as needed. Each pod also has a computer and various sensors to allow for data acquisition and analysis. 

In 2015, the original introductory physics lab was reconfigured as an electronics and advanced lab, which allows students to experiment over multiple weeks with laboratory grade equipment. The area is also designed for 24-hour access, so students can build projects at their pace.   

On the fourth floor of Bracy exists our rooftop observatory, which houses various telescopes including a 12-in Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain, Small Radio Telescope and a Clarke 8-in refractor. There is also a new observation area at the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center, which allows for observation away from the light pollution from the city of Alliance.