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Message from the Chair

Hi Perspective Students, 

Physics is interested in how things work and why. By its very nature, the number of physics majors is small as it is a select group that have the scientific, mathematical and conceptual ability to succeed. Your professors will know your name, care about your work, and point out when you could perform better. In intermediate and advanced courses, small class sizes allow for individual instruction and tailored learning. We are here to teach; this is not to say our research isn’t important, but teaching is our primary focus.  

Many say, why should I major in physics? Besides pursuing your dream of building a lightsaber or understanding the physics jokes in the “Big Bang Theory,” by majoring in physics you will learn to write, speak, think, solve, create, learn, and help. We’ll also help you determine how to take something from a thought and idea to a final product, solution or application.

We are quite proud of our majors and minors and celebrate their success from those that have gone to graduate school in physics, astrophysics, medicine, engineering, and astronomy and to those working in industry and for the government.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or reasonably phrased complaints.

All the best.

-Dr. Bob Ekey,
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy