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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Political Science and International Studies.

Do you care about civil rights, gender equality, the environment and government spending? Are you concerned about gun rights? Do you want to make an impact on how our nation is run? Are you intrigued by international affairs? Are you eager to make sense of the foreign policy decisions of other countries? Are you eager to learn more about national security and (counter)intelligence issues? Whatever your interest, you can engage in these and other debates and questions through majors/minors in Political Science, International Affairs and Diplomacy, National Security and Foreign Intelligence Analysis, minors in Legal Studies and Public Service, or 3+3 BA/JD programs.

Be engaged through our comprehensive degree programs that blend theoretical and applied aspects, incorporate experiential learning opportunities (in-class simulations, debates, and internships) as well as semester-long study abroad opportunities or short-term “Dynamic World Cities” travel seminars, among others. Our degree programs are structured to help you develop critical skills to make a consequential local/national/global impact, live fulfilling lives, pursue meaningful careers and become responsible global citizens. To learn more about our programs, please contact me directly at or at (330) 823-3271.

Dr. Francis Schortgen, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Professor and Department Chair