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Ahmed Almalki '23

Nursing major

My ultimate goal is to achieve a successful career and never stop improving myself or my work. Mount Union and the nursing faculty ensured that goal is their main goal since day one!


B.S., Nursing


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

An International Journey

Coming to Mount Union was a huge opportunity for me when I received a full-time scholarship back home (SACM) where I had the chance to choose any university in the world. I heard very good things about Mount Union which influenced my decision. I read a lot about the nursing program and their high NCLEX passing rate which made me comfortable with my decision.

One interesting fact that shocks many people is that my hometown is almost seven thousand miles away in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, this journey came with many obstacles as an international student whose English is not perfect and entailed being away from home for many years. The nursing major requires a lot of efforts and time to be successful at. However, I’ve learned that everything can be achieved if you follow your dreams and have the right support system.

A Second Home

Being away from home was a challenging part of this journey, however I met a lot of people who stand by my side and support me at Mount Union. All the faculty members, my friends and colleagues within the nursing program make me feel like I am at home! Studying at Mount Union has given me the chance to meet people from different countries who are going through a similar experience and being able to identify my situation with them is another reason why I feel at home!

Being in the nursing program students learn a lot about the importance of improving the nursing field to better it. Each professor had an impact in shaping my future career as a nurse, but I personally look up to Professor Karen Towne. She inspired me the most during my time at Mount Union. She creates a spark inside of you that makes you curious to want to learn more. When graduating, you will carry everything she teaches with you for life.

Why Nursing?

My experience in the nursing program has been exceptional. I have had the chance to practice a lot of hours in labs with my instructors. During the labs students go through various situations that happen in real life at hospitals. You get the chance to go through critical situations, practice different nursing skills and gain the confidence to succeed not only in the clinicals, but in real life.

Nursing is one of the few majors that is so flexible and big as an ocean! it is one of the most important occupations in medicine where people get the chance to work directly with patients. If you have a passion to work in different units and try various places before you finally decide where you want to be, nursing is for you.