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alexis orzo headshot
alexis orzo headshot

Alexis Orzo '22

Biology major

I liked the idea of being at a smaller school with more individual attention.


B.S., Biology


Alliance, Ohio

Becoming a Raider

Mount Union is in my hometown and always had really positive reviews. I liked the idea of being at a smaller school with more individual attention and a smaller campus. I was also interested in Mount Union having a highly ranked physician assistant program. Fortunately, I received the Investment Alliance Scholarship. No matter what problem I am having there is always someone to help. Whether it is a professor, advisor, etc. everyone cares for you. I also have met many great friends while being here that I hope to stay in touch with for life.


Advice on Choosing the Right School

I would tell anyone searching for the right college that they go to a school that has a program that suits them well and will give them the maximum experience they need for the future. College is an important time, and you need to take advantage of all the wonderful resources offered at your college of choice.


Why Biology?

I chose biology as my major because ever since I took anatomy and physiology in high school I was enthralled with the human body. I also love the environmental side of biology, as I am a big animal and nature person so this major fits perfectly into those interests. My current goal is to become a physician assistant. Mount Union has great resources for this program and having personal connections with my professors is great because I can ask them for letters of recommendation and help with navigating the requirements for this graduate program.


Experiences at Mount Union

The integrative core forced me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to learn things I normally wouldn’t have. For example, I had to take an evolutionary biology class that focused on the evolution of humans around the world and because of that class, I know certain traits that are more prominent in different countries and why which will help me in my future medical position. In my biology major I have had many diverse labs. Through these labs I have gained so much experience that could be used in clinical practice. My favorite of my labs was probably my microbiology lab where I learned to micropipette and culture bacteria. I found the results and experiments fascinating and learned many skills.