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Amanda Hegidus '21

Multi-platform software development major

It's very much a community here where you will be accepted no matter what.


Multi-Platform Software Development


Uniontown, Ohio

Mount Union Community

I heard about Mount Union from a teacher at my high school. I was wanting to stay close to home so I set up a visit to Mount Union and loved it from the moment I set foot on campus. The people make Mount Union feel like a second home. From the staff to professors to the students on campus, it feels like everyone cares that you are here. They want you to succeed. It's very much a community here where you will be accepted no matter what.

Unique Major 

In high school, I took programming 1 and 2 courses as well as AP Computer Science. I assumed I wanted to study computer science but then I went to one of the departmental discovery days for the CS department. I learned that multi-platform software development was more my style of what I was specifically interested in.

Career Preparation

The Integrative Core has taught me valuable skills of how to write, edit my writing, and be comfortable speaking in front of others. My favorite experience was having the opportunity to attend the Marietta Leadership Conference with my leadership class. It was interesting to attend an official conference and I learned a lot from attending. My ultimate career goal is to be at a company that wants to make a difference. Mount Union helps students make the right connections. 

Advice for Future Raiders

Students looking at colleges and universities should set up tours and talk with the students on campus. I'd also say for them to trust their gut and to go visit all sorts of campuses until you find the right one.