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Mount Union offers comprehensive preparation for those students desiring to become professional astronomers or astrophysicists through a concentration available to those majoring in physics along with a standalone minor in astronomy. Astronomy students are encouraged to ask questions about the vastness and mystery of the universe, while additionally giving them the knowledge to try to answer those same questions. 

Excellent observational facilities available to qualified students include:

  • a 12-inch computer-controlled Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • a charge couple device (CCD) camera for digital imaging of faint astronomical objects
  • an 11-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped for BVRI photometry of stellar objects
  • a 9-inch f/15 retracting telescope used for the study of lunar and planetary detail
  • a portable 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • professional-grade software (IRAF) for digital image analysis
  • remote access to a network of telescopes in California, New Mexico, Australia, and Spain

Astronomy at Mount Union Quick Facts 

  • Students majoring in physics with a concentration in astronomy and those minoring astronomy will have access to Bracy Hall of Science, the University’s four-story natural sciences facility. The building includes 22 laboratories, three lecture halls, and two classrooms.
  • Astronomy students will also be able to utilize the Clarke Astronomical Observatory, located on the roof of Bracy Hall of Science.

Required Courses

Interested in a minor in astronomy? Learn more about the required classes you will be taking by reading the course descriptions and course catalogue.