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Austin Hindley '22

Mechanical engineering major

Having the opportunity to do research and work closely with a professor is an amazing opportunity to learn how being an engineer in the real-world works.


Mechanical engineering 


Massillon, OH

Choosing Mount Union

The first time that I stepped foot on campus was for a preseason football camp with my high school football team. I spent a few days living on campus and really loved the way the campus felt. During my senior year I was having a difficult time choosing between all the schools on my list. I had visited a few and none of them felt quite right. Remembering how I felt at Mount Union I decided to officially visit the campus. I was blown away by all of the plans to upgrade the engineering program and decided that Mount Union was where I belonged. I also received the Trustee Scholarship to attend Mount Union.

A Second Home

The University of Mount Union's smaller campus allows for a much more interactive learning experience. The ability to have full class debates or work together in small groups really helps enhance the learning experience. Having small class sizes also means that you and your professors get to know each other. Knowing your professors can be very helpful because they become much more approachable when it comes to problems that you might be having. On the flip side, when trying to apply for things like jobs or internships having a close connection with a professor never hurts. They could offer anything from advice to a personalized recommendation.

Getting Involved

The best experiential learning opportunity that I have had in my time at Mount Union is the current research project that I am involved in. Having the opportunity to do research and work closely with a professor is an amazing opportunity to learn how being an engineer in the real-world works. Being able to learn and ask questions from someone already established in the field is extremely helpful in growing my experience. Unlike many internships, I am doing much more free thinking about how to solve a problem rather than the more basic analysis of someone else’s ideas. The integrative core has made me a much better public speaker. The ability to portray information to a group of people in a captivating and efficient way is vital to becoming an engineer. If you can't explain your idea to a group of people accurately while still making it interesting then they will not want your idea or product.

Choosing Engineering

I've always loved tinkering with and building things, which is why engineering really sparked my interest. The ability to do that while still helping countless people was very appealing to me. Engineers are involved in every field imaginable and so the career options are limitless. My ultimate career goal would be to become an bio-mechanical engineer with my own company. To prepare me for my career the University of Mount Union has given me real world group projects that allow me to become familiar with the way an engineering team approaches and works through a problem. This experience has made me into a better teammate in group projects and has taught me how to think creatively in a group setting.

Advice for Future Students

When looking for universities don't limit yourself to a few options. Start off with a substantial list and work it down slowly based off the things you deem to be important. This is a crucial tool to find the best fit for you. When you have that list narrowed down a bit, go on some college visits and see how the campus feels to you. Choosing where you want to continue your education is a big decision and can be stressful at times. Just know that everyone feels like that and you just have to follow your instincts.