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Bailey Martin '21

Computer science major

After my initial visit to Mount Union, I went back to meet one of the computer science professors...After speaking with him, I knew that I had found the right program for me.


Computer Science


Hartville, Ohio

Choosing Mount

I initially heard about Mount Union through some upperclassmen from my high school. As I started my college search, I found myself gravitating to Mount. I found that Mount Union offers a computer science program within a small school environment which were two components I really desired from a university. After my initial visit to Mount Union, I went back to meet one of the computer science professors. He provided me with a better idea of what the program has to offer and was able to answer all my questions. After speaking with him, I knew that I had found the right program for me. Mount’s campus is also beautiful year-round, so I knew that I would always be in a pretty, natural atmosphere while I completed my studies.

Experiential Learning

The summer going into my freshman year I applied to Mount Union’s IT Helpdesk and was hired before the fall semester started. Working at IT aligns perfectly with my major, giving me a hands-on experience that complements my learning in the classroom. As an Information Technology Consultant, I have developed relationships with other IT professionals at the university which has strengthened my professional network. My IT position has also provided me with practice at applying concepts I’ve learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. The skills and additional knowledge that I have gained working in IT has made me more marketable and aided in my professional development. I have gained experience in networking, imaging computers, troubleshooting, instructional technology, and providing good customer service to patrons.

Favorite Professor

Professor Mark McConnell was the instructor of my First Year Seminar class. FYS classes are designed to prepare you for success in college, and Professor McConnell heavily influenced my path to success, making sure that I was on the right track from the very beginning. He served as a role model and a mentor to me. He has been a huge help in scheduling, planning, advising, and preparing me for the Integrative Core. He has also provided advice and guidance about all the “little tips and tricks” for success in college that most students are not taught in the classroom. Professor McConnell also recommended me to be a part of several organizations on campus. He has been a key part to my success at Mount Union. 

Liberal Arts   

I usually think of the liberal arts education as the “foundation” for a successful professional career. A liberal arts education is essential to all students, regardless of their major, because the curriculum is geared towards the acquisitions of lifelong skills such as critical thinking and effective thought processing and communication. After students gain knowledge in the liberal arts, they can apply these skills to any professional occupation they are pursuing.

Integrative Core 

I have enjoyed the Integrative Core because it allowed me to broaden my field of study and to learn about other subjects that I would have never explored on my own. The Integrative Core is designed to be a part of every students’ academic schedule, so it is also easy to fit the courses into even the busiest of schedules. After completing “Foundations” courses, students will create a portfolio to showcase what they have learned during their first four semesters at Mount Union. The written and oral communication skills that students acquire, as well as the additional areas of knowledge that students learn, in these courses provide students with valuable skills they can apply to all areas of their life.