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Brianna Funderburk ’22

Mathematics and Economics major

Mount Union’s liberal arts curriculum appealed to me as somebody who is interested in a wide variety of subjects, and the Integrative Core has been instrumental in guiding me towards my future goals.


B.S., Mathematics, Accounting


Louisville, Ohio.

Deciding on Mount Union  

I grew up about twenty minutes away from Mount Union, and I was familiar with the campus from various activities I did when I was younger. It wasn't until I went on a tour of campus and was able to see the college from a student's perspective that I fell in love with Mount Union! Everyone I interacted with during the admissions process was so kind and helpful, and I quickly learned that this is a campus community that strives to help you be successful. I was fortunate to receive the Presidential Scholarship and was admitted into the Honors Program where I made many lasting friendships.

A Future in Economics and Mathematics  

When I entered college, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted to do as a future career. I took a wide array of courses my first semester, and immediately gravitated towards the math classes. Mount Union's math faculty have an overt passion for the discipline and are always striving to help you understand the material, which made me learn to love math even more! As I progressed through the Integrative Core and took a variety of classes from many different disciplines, I found myself intrigued by economics and the broad range of topics covered in economics courses; I then decided to also pursue an economics major. After graduating, I am planning on attending graduate school to study economics with the goal of becoming an economist. I hope to someday use the skills I have gained in my mathematics and economics courses to solve real-world problems.

Working at the Library  

One of my favorite parts about Mount Union has been my on-campus job at the library. Being able to get to know library resources from the inside has made me a better researcher and student, and I am now able to help other students as well! I also enjoy the leadership opportunities I have been granted in running meetings, training new students, and taking on additional projects.

Advice for Future Raiders

Take advantage of the Integrative Core and don't be afraid to take classes that are different from the discipline you're looking for a career in! I was afraid that classes in music or religion would be outside of my comfort zone, but those ended up being some of the most interesting courses I've taken.