Bridget Dennis '17

Major: Political Science
Hometown: Mount Vernon, Ohio

Minor: Legal Studies and Business
Member of Pre-Law Society, Vice President of Student Senate, Raider Guides, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta and Regula Scholars.

Future Lawyer

Choosing Mount Union
I chose to attend Mount Union because the campus is beautiful, the small class sizes and the pride that spews from each student, staff and faculty member. I would not have been able to attend Mount Union without the scholarships that I have received from the University. They are very generous when offering scholarships and the requirements to keep them are a good way to stay on track and keep your GPA high. 

Being “Home”
I absolutely love the feeling of being on my own and at the same time, feeling safe on Mount’s campus to express my thoughts and opinions and be myself 100%. The faculty and staff radiate happiness and the environment here is so positive. When you are surrounded by people that are proud of themselves and the University, it isn’t hard to be in a great mood. Everyone that works on campus, as well as the other students are very welcoming and are great at including new members of Mount’s community in their everyday adventures. From the home-style food in the cafeteria, to the bridge over the Lakes… it was easy for me to adjust and make it feel at home. Here at Mount, we strive to be inclusive to all genders, races, ages and ethnicities with our overall attitude as well as our different organizations and events. We are open-minded here at Mount and encourage you to be yourself! 

Advice to Future Raiders
Go to class! It is so imperative that you show up, listen and take notes. Don’t be on your phone during class. Put it away and focus on listening to the wonderful professors that are taking time out of their lives to teach you.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor would have to be Dr. DeSario. He has pushed me to become a better student and person throughout the past four years. I would not be where I am today in my education, without him helping me and encouraging me every step of the way. My favorite class has been Introduction to Law with Dr. DeSario. He challenged us to do our very best work and it was great preparation for law school. Dr. DeSario is known to have a very Socratic method in the classroom but it only encourages learning and challenges you to push your limits as a student.

Hands-On Learning
My favorite learning opportunity thus far has been my experience at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this past summer. Through the Washington Center, I was able to spend two weeks in Philly, partaking in their Academic Seminar and interning with the Ohio Delegation.

Well-Rounded Preparation
With a liberal arts background, you are able to understand many different aspects of other subjects that can be used outside of your professional field. Things that everyone should have a good understanding of are taught through the liberal arts education and that, paired with Mount’s professional preparation, helps you feel fully prepared to take on the world once you graduate. The amount of writing and speaking I had to do for the Integrative Core, helped me grow as a student. It required a lot of practice for each and practice is the only way you can expect improvement. Looking back at some of my writing from my first year has made me realize how far I have grown as a writer and I can thank the Integrative Core for helping.

Ultimate Goal
My goal is to become a successful lawyer and eventually start my own law firm. Mount Union has provided me with many great opportunities to experience new things as well as provide me with connections that will last a lifetime. The professors in the Political Science department are so engaged in your individual story and help you achieve your goals as a student as well as help you prepare for what the future might bring. Because of the small class sizes, we can easily interact with other students and the professors and that has helped me grow as a student as well.     

Bridget Dennis

When you are surrounded by people that are proud of themselves and the University, it isn’t hard to be in a great mood.

Fun Facts

What is your favorite travel destination?
Treasure Island, Florida
What is your favorite quote or motto?
“It is not all about the destination, rather it is more about the journey leading there.”
What three songs define your music tastes?
"Hold Back the River" by James Bay, "New Flame" by Chris Brown and "Furthest Thing" by Drake
What did you want to be as a kid?
A professional gymnast
What is your favorite app?
To The Top!