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Spiritual Life FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions for Spiritual Life at the University of Mount Union

  1. Where do Catholics go for Mass?  What happens on days of obligation?  

    During the academic year priests from area churches celebrate Mass on Sunday evenings at 4 p.m.  On special days a service is scheduled for 4 p.m. that day to allow area priests to offer Mass and then be able to return to their parishes for the evening services.

  2. How can I find a church in the area?  

    Area churches are invited each year to an annual religious life fair or open house to set up displays and be present to invite students to find a church 'home away from home' with them.  Often churches provide the Office of Chaplain with information that can also be sent by email to students who list their own spiritual/religious preference with the University. It is a FERPA violation to provide student information to churches; your student information is protected.

  3. Is there a required Chapel service?  

    Mount Union discontinued mandatory Chapel in 1974.  The services offered on campus are open to all students, staff, faculty and administration.  Community members often visit as well.

  4. How can I become a part of the worship services on campus?  

    For Catholic services the contact person is through the FLOCK organization on campus. Eucharistic ministers and musicians are always welcome! With ecumenical Christian services each group has a contact name and person.  Musicians and readers are encouraged to contact the student leadership or the Chaplain for more information.

  5. I don't have a car. How can I attend services off campus?  

    If you are willing to be picked up by a church member, often the Chaplain's Office will find out from the local church the name and number of a contact person and provide that information to the student.  There are staff and faculty members who offer to provide rides to their local churches if students wish to attend a service.

  6. How do I get involved with Spiritual Life on campus? 

    Pick up a weekly schedule found on tables in the chapel and bring a new or old friend so it won't be so scary or intimidating the first time.  Drop by the Chaplain's Office and ask questions about each group. Contact the chaplain by email with your questions. 

  7. I'm not a Christian but I do practice my beliefs in another religious tradition. How can you help me? 

    The Office of the Chaplain maintains a calendar of major world religions and keeps current on special days for any listed religious preference of students.  Any dietary concerns can be shared with the Chaplain, Residence Life Staff (if living on campus), or the AVI Food Systems directors  If worship space needed it will be provided, as the university is able to accommodate.