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esports roster

Name Team Position Major
AJ Hammond Overwatch Purple Off Tank Computer Science
Ethan Tichenor Overwatch Purple Support Biology
Gian Steele Overwatch Purple Flex/Alternate
Jared Schulte Overwatch Purple DPS
Jarek Shernit Overwatch Purple Flex/Alternate
Jordan Wilson Overwatch Purple Support
Michael Frazier Overwatch Purple DPS Biochemistry
Roberto Olivera Overwatch Purple Main Tank Computer Science
Alex Ramos Overwatch White Support
Daniel Alfes Overwatch White Main Tank
Evan Eifert Overwatch White DPS
Gian Steele Overwatch White DPS
Jarek Shernit Overwatch White Support
Juwan Simpson Overwatch White Off Tank
Elcain Chase Jr. Rocket League
Evan Chapple Rocket League Marketing/French
Jeremiah Gyulai Rocket League Middle Childhood Education
Steele Porter Rocket League Marketing/Management
Hector Cardenas League of Legends Top
Henry Woofter League of Legends Alternate
Jacob Grow League of Legends Support
Jeremy Leyden League of Legends Jungle
Sam Matonis League of Legends AD Carry
Santino Diaz-Palma League of Legends Mid
Tim Topoly League of Legends Alternate