Chelsea Black '17

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Millersburg, Ohio

Member of Mount Union Dance Team, Women’s Tennis team, Cru, Alpha Phi Omega, Psychology Club, Sophomore Service Honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Honors Council and Emerging Leaders; enrolled in the Honors Program

Future Counselor


Mount Union
I found out about Mount Union through the mail and talking to the admissions representative (Katie O’Ryan) at my high school. I chose Mount Union for its educational value, size and location, but the thing I like most is the atmosphere it has because of the friendly faculty, staff and peers I have met on campus.

Scholarship Assistance
I was awarded the Trustee's scholarship (and a couple thousand dollars in addition to that after competing in the presidential scholarship competition). I was grateful for the financial award I received. Mount Union's tuition was competitive with that of other institutions I was considering, but Mount Union was willing to award my participation in the competition in order to make attending school less of a financial burden. ‚Äč

Favorite Place
I enjoy spending time at the dining hall in the Hoover-Price Campus Center socializing with friends and making long-lasting memories. I also cherish the chapel and its beauty, especially at night.

Individual Attention
At Mount Union, the professors give students the attention and relay the advice they need in order to be successful. Mount Union has equipped its students with worthwhile skills and experiences that will attract future employers.

Psychology Major
What could be more interesting than learning why people think and do the things they do? I chose psychology as my major because it is a broad field that opens many doors to more specific career areas for someone who is a bit undecided.

Favorite Class
I really enjoyed Dr. David Thiele’s Gothic Literature course because I gained an appreciation for gothic style writing, and he challenged us to use our academic interests to initiate various literary arguments.

Favorite Professor
Dr. Robert Miller – he related various introductory materials with his own personal experiences as a practicing psychologist. He encouraged me and motivated me to pursue an education focused in psychology.

Dream Job
At this time, I am interested in becoming a counselor for children or families; but more importantly I seek to follow God’s plan for my life, wherever it may take me.


At Mount Union, the professors give students the attention and relay the advice they need in order to be successful.

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