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cole van natta
cole van natta

Cole VanNatta '23

Accounting major

With Mount Union being a smaller school, it allows everyone a chance to get to know as many people as possible.


B.A., Accounting 


North Canton, Ohio

Home Away from Home

Mount Union was on my radar because my sister went here. I visited as an aspiring college soccer player and loved the campus and the people, so I decided to come here. The people and the culture of Mount Union make it feel like a second home. It is like a second family, even. Everyone at Mount is always willing to help and make everyone feel included. With Mount Union being a smaller school, it allows everyone a chance to get to know as many people as possible.


How to Choose a College

I would say to look at the education, look at the campus, and do your best to get a look into the daily life of someone that goes there. It can be one thing to love the campus, but not so much the schooling or the daily operations. Enjoying where you go to school is so important when choosing where you will be essentially living for the next four years of your life.


Finding a Career Path

I chose to major in accounting because of my high school accounting teacher. She told me that if I went into a general business degree that I could get any business job there was except for accounting. If I did accounting, I could get all of those jobs plus accounting and other finance jobs. It makes me more marketable of a person and might make my job search just that tiniest bit easier going forward.


Experiences at Mount Union

I would say being a part of the choir program has been my favorite part learning-wise. I have always been in touch with music, my whole life. It came easy to me, and I never really had to try at it. And I honestly thought I knew all there was to know about it. But I can say I learned and have been challenged more with music and choral singing in just my three years at Mount Union under Dr. Cook’s direction than I ever thought I would. It is all a credit to the way we are taught and instructed. The way it’s engaging, hands on learning and uses teamwork right there in the classroom. It has by far been my favorite experience.


Goals After Graduation

My ultimate career goal is to get my master’s in business administration, and then to be super successful in whatever it is I choose to do. I believe with the Integrative Core, I will be able to be more well-rounded in other areas. Although some of them may not pertain to what I would like to do when I am out of college, I believe it will make me more knowledgeable of a person and no one can complain about that.