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Travel Updates

Recent recommendations regarding COVID-19 have resulted in a decision to take proactive measures at the University of Mount Union. The University has established a Confirmed Cases Reporting web page that provides updated data regarding confirmed positive cases on campus. Please visit this site regularly to stay informed.

  • For the time being, the University has made adjustments to its travel policies regarding both domestic and international travel. 

Please see the FAQs below for additional details.

Travel Update FAQs

  1. How has COVID-19 impacted Mount Union's travel policy?

    We are canceling all planned University-sponsored international travel until further notice. We are also canceling all domestic University-sponsored optional travel by faculty and students until further notice. Vice presidents will make decisions on any exceptions.

    Students, faculty, and staff should carefully consider the necessity of any personal travel that could result in quarantine upon your return, including countries designed as high risk by the CDC or domestic destinations experiencing widespread outbreaks.

    Candidates for open faculty and staff positions will be asked to participate in remote interviews.

  2. What is the UMU policy regarding academic field trips and travel with students?

    Given the challenge of social distancing using college transportation, the University is pausing all field trips and conference travel with students. Requiring students to use their own transportation is not a viable alternative, as it disadvantages students without access to a personal vehicle. The University recognizes that for some courses, trips provide important curricular content. The institution recommends making excursions one of several ways to fulfill a key learning outcome, thus making trips optional, outside of scheduled class time, and low density. Requests for exceptions to this policy can be made to your college dean or vice president.

  3. Can faculty and staff begin scheduling work-related travel?

    Spending for the 2020-2021 baseline budget will be restricted until further notice. Only necessary expenses will be approved through August 31. There will be no approvals for any travel, meals, and equipment until final 2020-2021 budgets are settled, likely after the special August Board meeting. Essential travel will be reviewed and approved by appropriate vice presidents after budgets are finalized in August for 2020-2021.

  4. How will the University continue to address the changing situation related to COVID-19?

    The University has convened a COVID-19 preparedness group that is meeting regularly and monitoring this evolving situation daily. 

    When making decisions regarding public health issues such as COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), the University will always work cooperatively with and follow the guidelines and recommendations of leading health organizations, including the National Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the Ohio Department of Health, the Stark County Health Department, and the Alliance City Health Department. 

    In this particular situation, the University has also been in close contact with state government officials, peer institutions, and other higher education professional organizations. 

    As this group continues its work, the University will be certain to communicate decisions and other COVID-19 related protocals and details to the campus community in timely manner.