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John Bienz

Professor Emeritus, English

Neil Carpathios

Lecturer, English

Michelle Collins-Sibley

Professor, English | Department Chair, Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies; Director, Africana Studies Program

Danielle Cordaro

Founding Director of the Center for Faculty Development

Rodney Dick

Professor, English

Debra Fedyna

Lecturer, Education | Lecturer, English

Yvonne Lee

Graduate Writing Consultant, DWOC Studio, English

Katherine McMahon

Professor Emerita, English

Michael Olin Hitt

Professor, English

Andrew Price

Professor, English | Alice W. and Eric E. Eckler Chair of American Literature and Drama

Gwen Gray Schwartz

Professor, English

Frank Tascone

Assistant Professor, English

David Thiele

Associate Professor, English | Department Chair, English