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Dr. Elizabeth Bandy headshot
Dr. Elizabeth Bandy headshot

Dr. Elizabeth Bandy

Assistant Professor of Media

The faculty here are committed to and care deeply about the craft of teaching and learning -- a commitment you do not find everywhere in higher education.


B.S. Mass Communication, Miami University
M.A. Media Technology & Policy, University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D. Children, Adolescents & Media, Stanford University

Why Media?

It took me a while to find my path. I took my first communication courses because I thought I would like working with cameras. I did, but I discovered that what I really loved was the art of storytelling through film and television. Then, the teaching bug grabbed me while I was mentoring other students on a practicum project. I loved sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. So, I headed to graduate school with a plan to someday teach college media courses. Along the way, I discovered that I could mesh my lifelong love of children with my chosen field of media by studying the ways kids and teens interact with media. Now, I get to do what I love every day!

An Ever-Changing Medium

I spent a decade doing research with KQED Public Media in California, and I draw on that research continually. I documented how the organization transitioned from a traditional broadcast station to a 21st century, digital media organization. I saw first-hand how media professionals came to terms with new ways of connecting with audiences and producing content. This experience helps me prepare students for work in the growing and evolving digital media industries. I also learned about how K-12 teachers were using both their educational media content and trainings on digital media technologies in the classroom, which helps me incorporate technology into my teaching.

Student Development

I love sharing my passion for and knowledge of media and culture with my students. What I find most rewarding is when I see students' growth, whether that's through the application of a new skill, the development of a new idea, or the spark of their own passion for the field. Plus, I get to watch and talk about TV and movies -- what could be better than that?

Mount Union Community

At Mount Union, it really is all about the relationships -- with students and between students and faculty. Mount fosters genuine connections and a strong sense of community. That gives our students the chance to grow both personally and professionally in a supportive environment.

Right at Home

I believe strongly in the value of a liberal arts education, so I always wanted to teach at a school like Mount. The faculty here are committed to and care deeply about the craft of teaching and learning -- a commitment you do not find everywhere in higher education. And well, I grew up here. Mount Union was my idea of "college" for most of my childhood. I love that I'm teaching at a school that my grandfather and two aunts attended.

Student Passion

We capitalize on our small size to stay flexible and allow each student to find their own path and pursue their unique interests. Whether it's short-form video production, sports broadcasting, media criticism, news or arts reporting, radio or podcast hosting, our students take ownership of their experiences. In the Media program, it is not only OK to take risks, it is encouraged.