Ellis Beardsley ‘17

Major: Biochemistry and Pre-Health
Hometown: Warren, PA

Future Medical Professional

Minor: Biology

Member of the cross country team, indoor/outdoor track and field team, Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Health Club and Exceptional Beginnings; member of Honors Program

Why Mount
I have a neighbor who attends Mount Union. My neighbor’s parents were talking to my parents about the school, and my dad talked me into looking it up because it sounded so great! After I applied, the academic scholarship that I received put Mount Union as a definite forerunner. I loved the small beautiful campus with professors who knew my name and truly cared about how I was doing. Also, Mount has great athletic teams and I felt honored to join.

I was lucky enough to receive the Presidential Scholarship from Mount Union. Receiving this scholarship was the automatic deciding factor for coming to Mount Union. I already loved the school, but now there was absolutely no reason for me not to attend. It has helped make my decision very easy.

Mount Union is my Home
I love that I am able to call Mount Union home. It is in itself its own community filled with some of the best people I have ever met. We are a family of amazing people: National Champions, scholars, musicians, actors, leaders and so much more. The community aspect of Mount Union is what sets it apart from other schools; here at Mount Union everybody wants to succeed and see others do the same.

Favorite Places on Campus
The B&B is definitely one of my favorite spots because of their buffalo chicken quesadillas, and the third floor of the library is my favorite spot to study.

I Love My Major
I have always loved the sciences, and biochemistry combines everything that I like into one major. With this degree, I will be versatile and have lots of opportunities for a future career. With my major I have both biology and chemistry labs that give me lots of hands-on experience. I loved getting to explore the Nature Center and discovering the tastiness of seeds in my Diversity of Life lab.

The Professors are Amazing
Dr. Mason, who has been my chemistry professor, is one of my favorite professors because of his enthusiasm for teaching. He is always very helpful and keeps the class interesting by telling stories and teaching us tricks to learn new information. My other favorite professor is Gerald Wucther, who was my Calculus I and II professor. He teaches a very hard course that I initially was very worried about; however, he is excellent at explaining the information and has a great sense of humor.

My Favorite Class
So far my favorite class is my Honors FYS class, “The Truth is Out There: Science Fiction Meets Biology, taught by Dr. Scott.” I am in no way a science fiction fan, but I kept my mind open and learned how this genre has more truth behind it than one would normally think. Dr. Scott did an excellent job of shaping the course to an interesting reading and movie list. He made the discussions and projects fun and interesting.

Helping Me Succeed
Mount Union is helping me to prepare for my future by teaching me not only academic information, but also how to learn and communicate properly. I am becoming a well-rounded student and individual because I attend Mount Union. This will not only prepare me for graduate school but life in general. The liberal arts education has taught me to keep an open mind with anything. Ultimately, I would love to get into medical school to become a pediatric doctor, but I am also very interested in doing genetic research. I am confident that I will be prepared for anything my career throws my way.

The community aspect of Mount Union is what sets it apart from other schools; here at Mount Union everybody wants to succeed and see others do the same.

To The Top!