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erica williams
erica williams

Erica Williams '22

Nursing major

I am able to perform nursing skills on patients independently because they trust in the education that I received as a student nurse through Mount Union.


BSN (Nursing)


Parma Heights, Ohio

Why Mount Union?

My senior year of high school I toured a variety of different colleges in Ohio and Mount Union was one of the first. I appreciated that the class sizes were small enough to allow me to have one on one connections with my professors. It is nice to know that I'm not just a number, but I'm known by name. The professors here truly want to see us succeed in our courses and it is very comforting to have someone who believes in our success. I also received the Dean's Scholarship, Minority Achievement Award, and the OFIC Jane White Scholarship. Mount Union feels like home to me because I've made life long friends. The friends I've made here will last a lifetime and I'm so grateful to have made those connections. I can honestly say they are more than friends, they are family.


Choosing Nursing

I chose nursing as a major because I want to see people reach optimal health. I find it rewarding to be a part of someone's healing process and to be the reason someone gets to spend another day with their loved ones. Bringing a smile to someone's face during their lowest points in life is beyond words and I wouldn't trade that feeling for the world.


Unique Experiences

Through Mount Union I have been given clinical opportunities that include many things most people will never see in their lifetime. I've witnessed up close invasive surgeries in the operating room next to the surgeon, emergency cesarean sections, live births, and so much more. I've done hands on dissections with preserved organs to visualize the systems we were studying in class. I was able to attend life saving courses such as Stop the Bleed, a course that educates us on preventing hemorrhaging and certifies that we are competent on performing the task. My favorite so far has been a job opportunity that was offered to the nursing students at Mount Union as a nursing assistant at a hospital back home. I am able to perform nursing skills on patients independently because they trust in the education that I received as a student nurse through Mount Union.


A Well-Rounded Education

I feel that the Integrative Core will make me a better professional because it exposed me to different communities of people that I may see on a daily basis as a nurse. I took a religion course that educated me on important aspects in all religions and gave me a better understanding of their values. A different course focused on the international perspectives on gender which exposed me to the vast conflicts with gender equality throughout the world. These learning experiences are vital, especially as a nurse in the United States because we are so diverse and have people from all walks of life who need care. I need to be culturally competent to give my patients the best care.


Ultimate Goals

My ultimate career goal is to one day be a nursing professor once I become an expert nurse in my specialty field. I want to be able to inspire other nursing students to be caring and compassionate the way the professors here at Mount have done for all of us. The professors here are enormous role models and I have them to thank for my confidence in patient care and the compassion that I am able to show to those in need.


Advice to Future Raiders

Advice I would give to high school students would be to not be afraid to ask questions that you value when looking at universities. College is meant to help you grown and you want to be somewhere that values what you are looking for in an education. If you don't ask, you'll never know!