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Jackie Custer '20

MIddle Childhood Education (Math and Science)

College goes by so fast so don’t spend all of your time stressing over the future, live in the now.


Middle Childhood Education


Canton, Ohio

Choosing Mount

I heard about Mount Union from family and friends. My dad attended college here as well as other family friends. I chose Mount Union because of the smaller school setting. I really liked the smaller class sizes. When I came to visit Mount, all of the students and staff I met were so friendly and I felt like it was the best fit. There are a lot of colleges with small student to professor ratios but what really stands out from other colleges is that Mount Union’s professors don’t just see you as a number. Professors will do their best inside and outside of the class to get to know their students and they really care for your well-being. Because my dad went here, I received the Legacy scholarship and other outside scholarships. These scholarships that I received made Mount Union much more affordable.

Loving a New Home

I really love the small class setting. Every professor I’ve ever had here has been nothing but kind and they are always willing to help you succeed in any way they can. Everyone on campus is so friendly. Since Mount Union is so small you see the same faces all the time which is super nice, and it makes living away from “home” so much easier. My roommates and classmates have really helped me adjust to the college life. They say that the friends you meet in college will be forever friends and I have met some of my best friends on campus.

Deciding a Path

Ever since I was younger I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love helping others and love working with children. I hope to one day have an impact on my students just as my teachers have had on me. As a math education major I had the opportunity to become a “Supplemental Instruction Leader”. This is a program we just started here at Mount and I was one of three candidates chosen to be a leader. What I do is attend a Data Analysis class 2-3 times a week here at Mount and then on Wednesday nights I hold “sessions” to help the students better understand the material. This has been my favorite experience so far at Mount because it has really helped me with preparing to be a teacher in the future. I also plan to Study Abroad in China this summer which I’m sure will be an amazing experience. I am so thankful that Mount Union offers these wonderful opportunities.

Unexpected Interests

I really enjoy Chinese. Although Chinese isn’t my major nor required for my major I’ve discovered through the foreign language requirement I have a love for the Chinese language and culture. This will help me with my major and future because it has increased my understanding of diversity. This will help me within my classroom where I will have a vast assortment of students coming from different cultures and backgrounds. I ended up falling in love with the class and the language. Dr. Litong Chen makes the class so enjoyable and as a class we are always having fun. He is one of the most selfless, caring, and genuine individuals I have ever met. Dr. Chen always puts his students before himself and really takes the time to get to know each and every one of his students. Dr. Chen is very dedicated to helping his students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. He is always willing to help me in my times of need. Chen not only helped me succeed in Chinese, but he helped me succeed with my other classes as well. If I was ever struggling with anything, Chen always knew what to say to help me overcome it. I’m so incredibly thankful for him. Chinese is a challenging language to learn but I look forward to going to class every day.

Advice to Students – Current and New

College goes by so fast so don’t spend all of your time stressing over the future, live in the now.