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jake standish standing in front of plant
jake standish standing in front of plant

Jake Standish '24

Sport business major

From the day I came to Mount, I immediately felt welcome by everyone.


B.A., Sport Business


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Becoming a Raider

I took a visit here my junior year of high school and after that it was one of my top choices. A year passed and when it finally came time to choose Derek Spinell reached out to me about eSports, and I was sold from there. I am currently receiving a scholarship for eSports.


A Second Home at Mount Union

It feels like a second home because of the sense of family. From the day I came to Mount I immediately felt welcome by everyone. It started with my teammates and evolved from there to my brothers in PKT. That's when I knew this is where I was meant to be. I would tell people looking at colleges to think carefully and cautiously. Picking a university to attend is a big decision, it becomes your life for the time you spend there. Take time and find a place where you feel welcome and find what works for you.


Experiences in the Classroom

I choose sport business because of my lifelong love of sports. I played football for five years and baseball for eight. As I got older, I realized I don't have the build to play at a collegiate level. I still wanted sports to be involved in my life somehow, so I decided to go towards the business side. It would have to be the connection with my professors that I consider one of the better learning experiences that I have had. I love the size of Mount because I get these personal connections with my professors, I feel like they all care about me and are involved in my development.


Career Goals

My ultimate career goal is to one day become a general manager of a NFL, MLB, or NBA team. Mount is doing a great job of preparing me for that not only through the classes I'm taking, but the connections I'm making as well.