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jared perez headshot
jared perez headshot

Jared Perez '22

Intervention Specialist and History major

I have excellent rapport with all of my current and previous instructors, especially with the education department professors.


B.A., Intervention 

B.A., History 


Canton, Ohio

Discovering Mount Union

I heard about UMU through my two cousins who had attended school here in 2010. One of them had played soccer during her time here. I chose to come to Mount Union because of the national championship caliber football team, plus it is close to home. Mount Union feels like a second home to me because of the outstanding support the professors give the students and how beautiful the campus is. My favorite part of campus is either the view from the third floor of KHIC looking over the quad or the campus lakes. Mount Union is a special place that makes me feel welcomed. My favorite experiential learning opportunity I have had during my time at Mount Union is possessing a positive student-professor relationship. The professors on campus are great as most classes are a small class setting, professor knows everyone's name, and the teacher can work individually with each student whether it is in the classroom or during office hours. I have excellent rapport with all of my current and previous instructors, especially with the education department professors.


Advice on Choosing College

Do not be too quick to choose the college you want to attend. Look at all private or public colleges and universities before you make your decision. Look at the little things, like how big the classes are, what extracurriculars are offered, how far are the walks to class, and the vibes of the university (physically and spiritually). Make sure you can see yourself living at the university for a few years.


Career Goals

I chose intervention as my primary major because I love working with all students. After I took ISP 220, which is a class about intervention methods and practices, I fell in love with the academic language and practices used by interventionists and general education teachers for students with disabilities. Previously, I was a history major focusing on teaching high school social studies. I am still pursuing a history major, but intervention will be my primary degree. My ultimate dream is to be a role model for the students I will be teaching. I want to be an influence on their lives to make good choices and decisions to make them the most successful person they can be. Mount Union is preparing me to meet those goals by teaching the curriculum I need to be a successful and impactful teacher. The education department is one of the best in Ohio because of the student-professor relationship, curriculum, and preparedness the department gives to the future educators. Mount Union has developed me into a different person with new goals to be successful in life. I am thankful and grateful that I committed to Mount Union to study and play football.