Jon Stingel '17

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Dundee, Ohio

Member of the Honors Program, Honors Advocates, student-faculty engineering research, Engineering Club, Inspire Mount Union, Triathlon Club, Black Student Union and Raider Racing Team

Future mechanical engineer


Learning about Mount Union
While attending a college fair, I came across the table for Mount Union and began to speak with the representative there. Speaking to the representative, then following up by asking my teachers and school counsellor about what they knew about the University got me interested. Everyone had great things to say about the University.

Choosing a Second Home
From my very first encounters with Mount, it always felt like home to me. The openness of the professors to speak with me and to provide their guidance was unmatched at any other universities that I had visited. On campus, there is a great sense of community that I did not find anywhere else. Whether I was walking around campus or participating in a program of some kind, everyone I encountered was incredibly inviting and friendly. I have had the honor of receiving the Presidential Scholarship from Mount Union as well. Once learning that I was selected to receive the scholarship, any remaining doubts I had about choosing Mount went away. I had loved the campus and the University already, so the scholarship just made my decision to attend that much simpler. Mount Union has definitely become my home. Looking at all the people that I can call my friends and family here really shows the welcoming environment that Mount is able to create.

A Special University
Mount Union is one giant group of people who want to succeed. No matter whom you talk to or what type of activities you are doing on campus, if you didn’t know someone going into the event, you will walk away having made a new connection. Everyone at Mount wants to work together to succeed, and that’s what makes it so special. I am very lucky to have become a part of not only such a great university, but also a great community full of many different teams and groups that work together to succeed. There are scientists, artists, performers, musicians, broadcasters, national champion athletes, and so many more who all share the same pride and love for Mount Union and the people who are a part of it.

Adjusting to College Life
Mount Union isn’t just a university, it’s a community. I believe that here at Mount, everyone that is a part of the institution becomes a part of a very special family. Everywhere I go on campus I see people reaching out and working together to put together events, to support one another or just to say hello. It is something that I don’t think happens very often at other universities. I was also lucky enough to make some great friends very early in my college experience, many of which are still my best friends to this day. Having a great group of friends that I was comfortable with made my transition into college very easy.

Advice for Prospective Students
Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved. There are many awesome groups on campus that have a range of interests. Try new things and you will find new friends and people who share similar interests as you.

Passion for Engineering
Growing up I was always interested in building different things. I could often be found taking things apart and rebuilding them, or fixing broken appliances or devices around the house or garage. Building a strong foundation in both science and math throughout my education ultimately guided me to my pursuit of becoming a mechanical engineer. The impact that engineers can have across the globe is immense. By simply creating new technologies they can help so many different people in profound ways. I hope to one day become a part of an engineering community that is helping to create the technologies that are improving the world around us.

Experiential Learning Opportunities
While attending Mount Union I have been fortunate enough to have several experiential learning opportunities. I have had the opportunity to work in two industry internships at local companies where I could apply the knowledge I have gained thus far. One of my favorite learning experiences is through an international engineering experience. In this experience, I participated on a team of engineers who researched and worked on a project that would benefit developing areas of the world. I then got to travel internationally and work with the people in this country to implement the project and gather feedback from them. The experience was incredibly rewarding, and learning about a new culture provided a much broader, global perspective on engineering.

Hands-On Classes
Engineering is very science and math intensive. Aside from the required courses, I have explored the field of physics. While taking these courses, I have developed a passion for exploring new theories and concepts. This has led me to an interest in researching the new developing areas of physics and how they can be applied to create new technologies. One of my favorite courses at Mount Union has been my electronics class. We explored the laws of physics that govern electrical phenomenon while applying them to real systems. One of the best parts of the class was the lab components, during which students could construct custom circuits and devices that perform a multitude of functions. In a final project, students got to come up with an original electronic device with some type of interesting interface and purpose. The process was challenging and very fun.

Favorite Professors
One of my favorite professors thus far has been Dr. Chad Korach, an engineering professor. During his classes, which are very theory driven and conceptual, he tries to incorporate activities to get students involved and collaborating. Dr. Korach has also been very supportive in helping me figure out the career path that I want to take, providing guidance and wisdom to aid me in my decisions. Another one of my favorite professors has been Dr. Helen Muga, another engineering professor. Dr. Muga is truly a superstar when it comes to international engineering. Every year she takes students abroad and participates in meaningful projects and conferences. She has an amazing sense of urgency and drive that has pushed me to strive for the best.

Well-Rounded Education
Building a strong liberal arts education is extremely useful for my professional preparation. I could master some of the most difficult theories and concepts in the world, but without the knowledge or skills to develop useful ideas, to present them, or to understand their societal impacts it would not be practical. By gaining a liberal arts foundation, I can become a well-rounded professional capable of succeeding in a multitude of settings. The integrative core allows students to gain experience in courses and topics that they normally would not have the opportunity to in a strict curriculum. This allows us to work in more than one department and gain a more diverse knowledge base. It helps us identify areas outside our major in which we have an interest.

Career Goals
My ultimate goal is to one day work on industry leading research as a mechanical engineer. To prepare for this, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. after completing my undergraduate studies. Mount Union is providing me with an environment in which I can build the knowledge and skills to move into the professional field. Mount provides real skills for working as a member of a team or organization that are vital for success in industry.

Jon Stingel

Everyone at Mount wants to work together to succeed, and that’s what makes it so special.

Fun Facts

What's your favorite travel destination?
The Outer Banks have been my family’s go-to destination. It has never disappointed us.
What's your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love food, and what better holiday than Thanksgiving to fill me up. Thanksgiving is always a great chance to meet up with family members and enjoy autumn.
What's your favorite quote/motto?
“If you believe, you can achieve.”
What did you want to be as a kid?
In the fourth grade for career day, I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. Somewhere along the line, I definitely changed my mind.
What's your favorite app?
Shazam is probably my favorite app. I generally don’t put a lot of effort into remembering song titles, so it comes in handy pretty frequently.
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