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Keila Martinez
Keila Martinez

Keila Martinez '20

Communication studies and Japanese double major

My professors make the subjects enjoyable and help me to strive for better.


Communication studies and Japanese


Beaver, Ohio

Finding Mount Union

I heard about Mount Union through my best friend's mom. Not long after, I toured campus with my own mom and feel in love with it. I choose Mount Union, because I liked the smaller class size, and the ability to know all my professors. Fortunately, I received the Minority Achievement Scholarship and Heritage Award. Mount Union feels like a second home to me. One reason is the fact, I'm able to room with my best friend. Another reason is how caring all my professors are. They truly want everyone to succeed and are there for students. 

Advice to Prospective Students

To find a campus that you can envision yourself staying at for four years, and that you will feel comfortable.

Choosing my Path

When I started at Mount Union, I wasn't originally a communication studies and Japanese major. I choose both because I found that I was passionate about both topics, and that I truly enjoyed the classes. My professors were also a huge part of why I choose both. My professors make the subjects enjoyable and help me to strive for better. The Integrative Core has allowed me to improve my speech skills and writing skills across fields. It has prepared me for the work force, because no matter the job these skills are extremely important. These skills allow me to be diverse in what I can accomplish in the work force. 

Getting Involved

I recently studied abroad in Nagasaki, Japan. It was truly my favorite experience. I had to study abroad for my second major, however I chose to study abroad before making Japanese my second major. I've always wanted to travel, and to learn more about different cultures, and studying abroad helped me to do just that. Japan is such a beautiful place, and once you are physically there you are able to understand the culture more in depth. I am also currently interning at Children and Adolescent Behavioral Health under their Mission Advancement team. My internship has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional, and to gain experience.

Life after Mount Union

I want to teach English as a second language around the world. Mount Union has given me the chance to grow as a person, and to travel abroad. They have also prepared me to apply for graduate school and TESOL certifications so that I can follow my dreams.