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Lis Marthans with Snoopy Character at theme park
Lis Marthans with Snoopy Character at theme park

Lis Marthans '23

Psychology Major

If you want to be part of something big and enjoy your college experience to the fullest, you should come to Mount! Not only are the classes good, people are great and the campus is beautiful.


Lima, Peru

A Second Home

The support that I feel from my friends, sorority sisters and all the faculty and staff that work at Mount Union is great. I like the classes, the relationship between faculty and students and how nice the staff is. The people are very nice and welcoming.

On-Campus Opportunities

I've always wanted to help people and I feel that usually people forget that taking care of yourself also involves mental health. That's why I want to work in the Human Resources field as a consultant. I feel that getting hands-on experience in my internship in the Mount Union HR office is preparing me for that.

Making My Family Proud

As an international student, being far from my family is more than likely the hardest thing I’m dealing with. However, I use it as a motivation to keep going and make them proud of me.

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