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Marlee Peck '20

Middle Childhood Education

When you go to Mount Union, your professors know your name and what you are involved in. Often times, professors have come to my games to support me!


Middle Childhood Education


Homeworth, Ohio

Choosing Mount

I chose Mount Union because it was the perfect fit for me. I love the atmosphere here. The campus is beautiful, the people are kind, and the education program is amazing. I was able to continue to play volleyball while also balancing my coursework. Also, many of the scholarships I received made Mount Union a very affordable choice for me!

Mount Union Community

Mount Union feels like home to me because I am able to walk across campus to class and see familiar faces and friends. Even though I am away from my family, I have my own Raider family here on campus. Something that helped me adjust to college life was having the support of my team. Being able to have a group of familiar faces to see after class everyday really helped me to become acclimated to college. I was lucky enough to have a great, welcoming group on campus to show me the ropes!

Exceptional Academics

Mount Union sets itself apart from other universities because of how personal your classes are. When you go to Mount Union, your professors know your name and what you are involved in. If you miss class, they will check in on you. Often times, professors have come to my games to support me! Some of my favorite things about Mount Union is what is has taught me. Not only am I learning in my classes, but also learning outside of them. Mount Union has taught me the importance of education, time management, work ethic, friendships, and more.

Middle Childhood Education

I chose middle childhood education because I have always wanted to work with and help others. I have realized that teaching is a very important profession. Education is what allows us to build ourselves and is an incredibly powerful weapon that we can use to change the future. I want to help my students build and develop their futures, while also being a positive mentor and role model for them.

The education program has allowed me to be in a classroom setting since taking my very first education class. I believe that being in the classroom as early as taking the very first education class has allowed me to learn so much. I have had the opportunity to observe and teach far before my actual student teaching. I have learned so much, and I feel I already have a better understanding of managing a classroom!

Exploring New Interests

A new interest I have developed is in psychology. After taking psychology my freshman year, I have been interested in going into a career in counseling or school psychology. I feel that an interest in psychology has helped me to develop a better understanding of the students I will be working with while also sparking an interest in a future career as a counselor or school psychologist.

Liberal Arts Education

I feel that the integrative core has made me a better professional because of the improvements it has made in my writing and presentation skills. Both of these skills will be essential to me as an educator, and I have definitely seen improvements in myself as I have made my way through the interrogative core.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Follow what feels right to you. College is about finding what you want your future to be, while also developing skills and friendships that will last a life time! Make the best of your time here and always remember to work hard to have the future you have always dreamed of.