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Matt Bennett '18

The hands-on classroom learning in my computer science classes have given me firsthand experience of what I will be doing when I leave Mount Union.


Computer Science


New Concord, Ohio

Minor: Business Administration

Choosing a College

I’ve known about Mount Union since I was young, but I really learned about it when I did a project about the university in my sophomore year of high school. I chose to research Mount Union to learn more about it, and I learned how nice of a school it is. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  When I was looking at colleges to attend, I thought that engineering might be a possible major that I would want to pursue. Mount’s great engineering program, the small size of the school, and the good distance from home led me to choosing Mount Union. 

Awesome Atmosphere

Mount Union’s campus is beautiful. It’s always nice here year-round. There are also so many nice spots to study, do homework, or just hang out. The other nice thing is how close everything is together. Rather than spending a lot of time getting from one place to another, you can get to where you’re going easily.  

A Supportive Community

My friends here have really helped me adjust to the college life.  We’re all very laid back and have similar interests. The summer before my freshman year, I signed up for the roommate lottery system. My “randomly selected roommate,” Thomas, is now one of my best friends. The people here at Mount Union are some of the best around. After coming back to Mount after a break, seeing my friends here immediately makes me feel at home again.  

Hands-On Experiences

I had never had any programming experience prior to CSC 120 (Programming and Problem Solving I), so after taking that class I really became interested in programming. I’m excited to spend my career in such a fascinating field that is constantly changing and growing. The hands-on classroom learning in my computer science classes have given me firsthand experience of what I will be doing when I leave Mount Union. Languages such as Java and C have been a challenge to learn, but after working on a program for hours, I’m always happy to see the final, working product.

Classroom Success

My favorite class here at Mount Union has either been Programming and Problem Solving I or Discrete Mathematics. The former first got me into programming, and I just really liked seeing the finished product on all of our programming assignments. I’m not really sure why I liked Discrete Mathematics so much, it just seemed to click and was interesting at the same time. I can’t say I have a favorite professor because all of the faculty in the computer science department have been very helpful in getting me where I am today. They seem to genuinely care about my understanding of the material and my academic success. 

Ultimate Goal

At this point in my life, I really want to work on the software of some sort of everyday application, whether it is on a mobile device or a computer. I think it would be really neat to design (and continually improve) something people use in their everyday life; however, this may change in a few years.