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Megan Donegan
Megan Donegan

Megan Donegan '20

Early Childhood Education Major

I love the fact that my professors know me by name and they care for my well-being.


Early Childhood Education


Dublin, Ohio

Why Mount Union

I chose to attend Mount Union mainly because of the feel I first got when I arrived on campus. Everyone was smiling and friendly, as well as very helpful as an incoming student. I loved the facilities that I toured because they were so clean and modern along with the campus. Once I came to campus I took two visits and I just realized that it felt like home to me. The campus is beautiful and I also had the chance to meet with Dr. Schneller, an education professor, and he really made the decision that much easier.

New Home

The clean and modern facilities make Mount feel more like home. Also all of the people that I have met (including the professors) and the friends I have made play a huge role in making Mount feel like home to me. I love the fact that my professors know me by name and they care for my well-being. When I am sick and miss class they ask if I need anything and they also will email me what I missed and to see how I am doing. It’s also pretty cool to be on the volleyball court and look up and see some of your professors in the stands cheering the team on. 

A Friendly Campus

Instantly after walking onto campus I noticed the friendliness. Everyone here is so friendly and including the professors. As a student here, I am not a number. All of my professors know me by name and they are concerned about not only how I am doing academically but also how I am doing mentally, outside of the classroom. 

The Right Education

For my EDU 150 class I have had the opportunity to observe in the Alliance City School district. I have spent time in the Alliance High School, Middle School, and Parkway Elementary. I have really enjoyed this experience because it helped me to decide that I want to teach in the elementary school not the high school or the middle school. I have also been spending time as a student observing and a Raider buddy at Parkway elementary school where I am mentoring a student in the third grade. Being placed at Parkway for my observation hours and being a Raider buddy is one of the best experiences I have had at Mount. 

Favorite Professor

Dr. Schneller is my favorite professor because him and I connected very easily. I have never seen a professor who is more passionate about his career and children than Doctor Schneller. He is always concerned where his students are if they are not in class one day and he is very interested in what the students do outside the classroom. For example, he came to multiple of my volleyball games and he supported me and the team throughout the whole 2016-2017 season. He always is wondering how I am doing, and if all of my classes are going well, even though I do not have him as a professor or advisor anymore. Dr. Schneller was my freshman advisor and he is still always willing to help and make creative ways for me to help my students.

Well-Rounded Student

The Integrative Core assists me in becoming a better, well-rounded student and it will also prepare me better for the work force. I am not very good at public speaking so I am working towards being a better public speaker and the Integrative Core has helped me with that along with the DWOC. The integrative Core will also help me to know what to implement into my classroom for my future students. It is showing me what skills are important and necessary to be successful.

Future Teacher

I would love to end up as a behavior analyst in a school district as well as having private clients. I would love to teach in an under privileged school for the first four years coming out of college while working on my masters in special education.