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Megan Hoover '20

Biology major

The relationships you form here are what make this place feel like home.




Salem, OH

Growing Up Around Mount

I grew up near the area, and ever since I was a young girl I remember telling my mom I would one day attend Mount Union, and when it came time to actually attend a university, I still wanted to enroll here and even received the Hartshorn Award Scholarship as well. The relationships you form here are what make this place feel like home, because it is a small campus the people you make connections with basically become your family.

Studying Biology

I chose biology because there are so many things you can do with it in the future, whether it is medical school you wish to attend, graduate school, plan to get a job in research, or a job involving animals/plants. Biology is a fantastic major for me because it combines my love of the natural world and medicine, while giving me a well-rounded understanding of the connections between the two, and I know it has best prepared me for a future career in the sciences. My ultimate career goal/dream is to attend graduate school and obtain my master’s degree in marine biology. After this I plan to work as a researcher studying marine mammals and coral reef rehabilitation. I think it would also be exciting and rewarding to one day run my own animal rescue/rehabilitation center.

Mount’s Impact

I believe Mount Union is best preparing me for the future by challenging me to use my voice, rely more on critical thinking and problem-solving skills than memorization, and to work with fellow students as a team. The Integrative Core challenged me to try new things. I believe it has given me a better understanding of the world and it has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Without it, I would not have pursued French as my minor, and now I am on my way to becoming bilingual, which sets me apart from others in the work force. I love the hands-on classroom learning Mount offers to students; every laboratory I have ever attended for a class has helped me solidify the material I learned in class by applying it to the experiments. It has also given me experience with different machinery as well as laboratory techniques and knowledge of safety precautions.

Tips for Upcoming Raiders

Go with your gut and make sure you do your research! Small colleges are advantageous in the fact that professors are always able to help you personally when you need it.