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Sara Severns
Sara Severns

Sara Severns '22

Art major

I value the discourse I've had with other honors students more than anything else in my educational experience.


Louisville, Ohio

Purple Runs in the Family 

I’ve always lived near Alliance, and my mom’s side of the family is full of Purple Raiders. I thought I wanted to move further away for college, but Mount kept pulling me back. I received the Trustee Scholarship and the Art Proficiency Scholarship. My institutional aid made attending Mount Union just as reasonable as it would’ve been to attend a public university (if not more).

Living on Campus

My roommates make Mount Union feel like a second home. I couldn’t ask for better people to live with during the pandemic. The student body gets more diverse every year, so everyone eventually finds their social niche.

Studying Multiage Education

I chose multiage education as my major because I've always loved art, and my teachers were the ones who encouraged me to become the artist I am today. I also wanted to learn lots of new art forms. (I've absolutely fallen in love with printmaking!)

Impact of the Honors Program

The Honors Program has been a defining part of my college experience. Many of my classes are discussion-based, and I value the discourse I've had with other honors students more than anything else in my educational experience. My professors tend to give lots of creative assignments and projects, too. One of my favorites was from my FYS with Dr. Thiele. We were instructed to create our own utopian society from the ground up, and I remember commandeering an empty classroom in KHIC one night with my friends to work on it. We completely covered the whiteboards with our ideas.

In Honors, part of the IC includes taking a class on diversity/social justice. For me, this class was Human Rights in Literature and Film with Dr. Price. Taking this class has made me more socially conscious when it comes to race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Considering the diverse social backgrounds and experiences my students will come from, these kinds of classes are helping me become a better mentor for them.

Tips for Potential Raiders

Don’t overthink it. You can always change your mind, whether it’s your school or your major. Also, consider the takeout options nearby (it matters more than you think it does)